3 May

What Features You Need To Look For In A Phone Spy Software

Today, there are several phone spy software programs on the market and they are offering various discounts and promotions to sell their product. All of them are claiming that they are the best spy app for both business owners and parents. Also, most of them are endorsing that their features are the best in the mobile phone spy industry. In face, every spy app has its own special features that you can take advantage of. Therefore, before you choose the best spy app on the market, you need to invest some time to learn more about them.

For starters, before you can use the features of a phone spy software program, you will need to purchase the software from its vendor. There are various subscription options that you can choose from. The cost for a spy app will range from 40-180 dollars, depending on the features it can provide and the type of license you need. Once you bought the android keylogger software, you will receive an email receipt from its vendor along with a link where you can download the application. You will need to directly download the app on the mobile phone you want to monitor. After you installed it on the phone, it will silently track the activities of the user.

These activities will include tracking SMS messages, websites that the user had visited, incoming and outgoing emails, call logs, contacts, calendars and most importantly spy apps can record actual phone conversations. This will give you the means to hear both sides of the conversation. However, there are spy apps that have outstanding monitoring features that can track the activities of the user in real-time mode.

So, you can view the events on the smartphone as they happen. However, these value added features will have a separate price that you need pay for on top of your current subscription. These are the features that you need to look for, but the most important thing is that it can provide the results that you’re expecting in a phone spy software.