6 Jul

What is SMS Spy?

Sending and receiving SMS has never been easier and convenient than it is today. Everybody today can send a text at a touch of a button or at a tap of the screen! And while the great advantages that easy sending and receiving of SMS are unlimited, come some disadvantages including the problem with young and teenage children who have become addicted to it that it creates a safety problem.

The Problem

According to a recent study, the average teenager sends more than 3,000 SMS messages per month. That’s more than six text messages per waking hour. With this overwhelming number of texts, as a parent, how are you making sure that your children are not sending and receiving inappropriate SMS messages? There’s no way, but to check on their phones and see the SMS messages yourself, right? But wait, how sure are you they haven’t already deleted some SMS that they think need to be hidden from you? It is not easy, right? Fortunately, with the advancement we have in technology, a software that will let you spy on your kids’ SMS messages has been made into reality! It’s the SMS spy software.

The Solution

The SMS Spy Software is a cell phone program that will enable you to monitor and track all SMS messages on the phone to where it is installed. For parents who want to keep track of their kids’ SMS activities, this program will enable you to view, read, and save all SMS messages including those ones that have been deleted on the memory of the phone! Isn’t it amazing?

SMS Spy Software is first used by suspicious spouses to view and read their partners’ SMS activities. Also used by employers to track and keep record of text communication between employees and customers. But today, due to the boom of texting, parents are convinced they can also get the benefits of the software and so they are rushing to get their own and keep track of their kids’ SMS activities.


How SMS Spy Software Can Benefit Parents?

SMS Spy Software enables parents to monitor their kids’ SMS activities, including incoming texts and outgoing texts. Parents can read their kids’ messages and find out the truth about their SMS activities such as whom their kids’ text and who text their kids. And the best part is, parents can read all of their kids’ messages even those that have been deleted! With this software, parents will never miss a single text that their kids send and receive!

How SMS Spy Software Works

SMS Spy Software works really simple and really discreet. All parents have to do is install it on their kids’ cell phones and it will begin to secretly collect all SMS data on the kids’ android phones and upload those SMS data on a remote online account set up at the time of software purchase.

All uploaded data can be accessed by parents on any device- cell phone, computer, or tablet that has a web browser and a data connection.